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Sharpen your skills with on-demand training for the latest Microsoft technologies. Select training below according to Microsoft products, competencies, partner type or role. Competency qualifying requirements can be found here.

New on MPN!

  • In early 2016, MPN announced changes to the competencies to streamline the program. We have now updated the MPN Competency section of the learning path page to align to these changes. Active competencies are now categorized by the six Centers of Excellence. As of October 30, 2016, twelve competencies were closed for new enrollment or renewal. These competencies have been removed from the MPN Competency section of the learning path page. For more details, please visit our MPN Evolution site.
  • The Fast Start delivery is designed to help partners and customers quickly deploy new cloud workloads. Fast Start help introduce you to the basic of common Microsoft Azure workloads, provides guidance and education for your IT engineers, and provides support during initial workload deployments. These trainings are designed for customer-facing partner architects, IT implementers and developers. See the newest courses in the series, Business Analytics for Power BI, here (scroll down the page to see the selection).
  • Windows 10 has great customer momentum, and enterprise customers are looking for help with Windows 10 deployments. This demand provides an opportunity for partners to make Windows 10 the foundation of a services business. The new Windows 10 Enterprise Partner Deployment Opportunity course (scroll down the page to see the selection) discusses the partner opportunity, how to talk to customers about Windows 10, new features and services offerings, delivers guidance on customer deployments and reviews profitability scenarios as well as the Windows 10 Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider opportunity.
  • The SMB Partner Tech Series provides a series of trainings focused on core Office 365 and Azure (scroll down the page to see the selection) workloads to help accelerate your technical capacity and profitability.
  • Data Platform Online Sales Training Series is now available here (scroll down the page to see the selection), featuring SQL Server 2016 content! The 6-part sales training covers Data Platform solutions and sales scenarios, resources available to partners, and guidance on how to orchestrate the sales across each stage of the Data Platform sales cycle.

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